Download Transsion IMEI Tool v1.5.7 (All version)

Transsion IMEI Tool is a compact program that facilitates the retrieval of IMEI, MAC, SN, and BT addresses on Mediatek (MTK) chipset-based devices.

In this article, a zip file containing Transsion IMEI Tool for Windows computers, MTK USB Driver, and a guide has been provided for download.

download Transsion IMEI Tool a2gsm

Please note that altering IMEI is unlawful. It is not advised to write an IMEI that differs from the original or modify the IMEI number.

Download Transsion IMEI Tool For Windows

The IMEI Tool enables you to write the IMEI, Mac Address, Bluetooth Address, and WiFi Address on your MTK-powered smartphones, feature phones, and tablets.

  • | G-Drive | AFH
  • | G-Drive | AFH
  • Transsion_AfterSales_IMEI_Tool | G-Drive | AFH

To use the IMEI Tool for writing IMEI on your Mediatek-powered device, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and extract the IMEI Tool.
  2. Install the MTK USB driver on your computer.
  3. Launch the tool by clicking on AfterSalesFull.exe.
  4. Select USB VCOM as the ComPort.
  5. Choose Smart Phone as the Target Type.
  6. Click on System Config and select IMEI, BT Address, and WiFi Address in Write Option.
  7. Select MD1_DB and AP_DB files, and then click Save.
  8. Input the IMEI and click Start.
  9. Connect your device.

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